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What Team Scrubs Will You Be Wearing on Opening Day?

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With Spring finally here after this very long and brutal winter, there is generally one thing that is at the top of most minds of American people. Baseball season. Opening day games are under way all over the nation as America's greatest pastime once again attracts millions of fans in every state. 

What better way to show your support of your favorite team than wearing the team colors and logos as they run through another pennant race? Of course wearing your MLB scrubs will help them get to the playoffs. Remember, superstitions are weird only if they don't work. At My Team Scrubs we've got your need to show your fanatic side at work covered. With 29 team brands, our lightweight, comfortable scrubs are the choice of every baseball fan, regardless of which team that your loyalty lies with. From the LA Dodgers to the NY Yankees, from the Seattle Mariners to the Tampa Bay Rays, we have a full selection of MLB scrubs to cover you through the entire season. 

While you're at it, show a little love for your favorite NHL team as the competition heats up as they get closer to the playoffs in mid-April and browse our site for the best in NHL scrubs. Watching your team as they battle for the Stanley Cup will be made more comfortable as you kick back in your red and white Detroit Red Wings scrubs. Or maybe you're a Chicago Blackhawks fan and need to surround yourself in red and black instead. Either way, we've got the scrubs you're looking for. 

No matter what kind of sports fan you are, show your pride and support with team scrubs from My Team Scrubs.