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why is a perfect fit

Posted by IRA COHEN on

So, why do people go crazy over Here are the assembled Top 5 reasons why. Some of the reasons surprised even us! Here goes... drum roll, Paul, please?!

At number 5, we have comfort, comfort, comfort! In real estate, you've heard location, location, location but with Scrub suits, we have the absolute most comfortable licensed sports team scrub suits that anybody has ever tried. This has come up again and again over the years. Our re-orders are so high because these team scrub suits are super comfortable.

At number 4, we have super speedy shipping. We can't help it! We know you want your order of team scrubs. We have them in stock and we do our absolutely best to streamline the entire process and give your order status updates along the way. Most get their scrubs so fast, they just can't believe it. Customers swear that we put an extra twenty in the UPS drivers' pocket, but it truly is not the case!

At number 3, we have officially licensed logos. These are the real deal folks. These are all approved by the official team. So, you will get the actual logos, the actual colors of your favorite team. Customers love having the official everything and always get complimented on it.

At number 2, we have choice. Did you know that at we have the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA?! Nobody else has our selection. So, it truly is a one stop shop for sports team scrub suits.

And at number one, we have... PRICE! No surprise there! For the quality of the scrub suit itself and the official licensing, you can't find a better price on the internet! The scrub suits at are truly the best on the planet! Don't you agree?