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What You May Not Know About Scrubs

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Sometimes known as "Theatre Blues" in the United Kingdom (as surgery centers there are often referred to as operating theatres), scrubs are the lightweight shirts and pants that have proliferated across medical offices, hospitals, dental offices and even veterinarian offices for years. Once the garb of only surgery teams, scrubs have spread into use by every medical staff member within most facilities. Though the wearing of scrubs is relatively new to most of the medical community. 

Not until the 20th century did surgeons wear anything but their regular clothes into the operating room. It was common practice for a surgeon to perform medical procedures wearing only a butcher's apron over his street clothes in order to protect them. Not until the 1940's, with advances in aseptic techniques which brought new information regarding wound infections, did surgery staff adopt antiseptic gowns and garments during surgery. Starting out as stark white, which was meant to connotate sterility and cleanliness, the modern scrub soon went through a series of transformations. White scrubs were soon abandoned for much less eye-straining colors like blue-green or a grayish green. By the 1970's the basic scrub consisted of a simple v-neck shirt and drawstring pants or sometimes a short-sleeve dress. 

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