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Show Your Loyalty for LA Royalty with NHL Scrubs

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Ever been high-fived for something that you're wearing? It doesn't happen often with the average blouse and khaki's outfit but customers tell us that this happens on a regular basis when they're wearing their team scrubs with their favorite team logo. Patients and colleagues alike feel instant camaraderie with someone who belongs to the same fan base as them. Build that rapport on a daily basis wearing your favorite NFL scrubs at the medical office or the hospital...or wherever you feel like wearing them. Our scrubs are beyond comfortable and we encourage you to wear them anywhere you like. They are perfect for laying around the house on a Saturday afternoon or for making a quick trip to the grocery store. Taking care of toddlers is an easier task when wearing NHL or MLB scrubs as they are constructed and designed to allow you to easily move and work in. 

Speaking of the NHL, is your favorite team still in the running for the Stanley Cup? If you're a Los Angeles Kings fan than we don't have to tell you that they now lead the Finals tournament after winning the first game against the New York Rangers in overtime with a score of 3-2. Show your loyalty to your Kings by wearing our NHL scrubs in solid black, emblazoned with the LA Kings logo. Game two is on Saturday and you can do your part by showing who you're rooting for before, during and after the match-up.