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Show Your Loyalty for LA Royalty with NHL Scrubs

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Ever been high-fived for something that you're wearing? It doesn't happen often with the average blouse and khaki's outfit but customers tell us that this happens on a regular basis when they're wearing their team scrubs with their favorite team logo. Patients and colleagues alike feel instant camaraderie with someone who belongs to the same fan base as them. Build that rapport on a daily basis wearing your favorite NFL scrubs at the medical office or the hospital...or wherever you feel like wearing them. Our scrubs are beyond comfortable and we encourage you to wear them anywhere you like. They are perfect for laying around the house on a Saturday afternoon or for making a quick trip to the grocery store. Taking care of toddlers is an easier task when wearing NHL or MLB scrubs as they are constructed and designed to allow you to easily move and work in. 

Speaking of the NHL, is your favorite team still in the running for the Stanley Cup? If you're a Los Angeles Kings fan than we don't have to tell you that they now lead the Finals tournament after winning the first game against the New York Rangers in overtime with a score of 3-2. Show your loyalty to your Kings by wearing our NHL scrubs in solid black, emblazoned with the LA Kings logo. Game two is on Saturday and you can do your part by showing who you're rooting for before, during and after the match-up. makes the Medical world go 'round

Wouldn't you like to know why scrub suits makes the Medical world go 'round. The world... go 'round? Whatever do we mean? We mean that the medical community absolutely loves our scrub suits. They do! They really do! Sports themed Medical Scrub suits are certainly the latest rage! For instance, if you are from [...]

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Be Your Office All-Star with the Best in MLB Scrubs

After two months into the 2014 Major League Baseball season, the San Francisco Giants are leading the league with a record of 32 wins and 19 losses. Even with this impressive dominance, the National League West leaders are only winning about 63% of their games. Which is great for baseball but admittedly lousy for the [...]

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why is a perfect fit

So, why do people go crazy over Here are the assembled Top 5 reasons why. Some of the reasons surprised even us! Here goes... drum roll, Paul, please?!At number 5, we have comfort, comfort, comfort! In real estate, you've heard location, location, location but with Scrub suits, we have the absolute most comfortable licensed [...]

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Buy Team Scrubs In Bulk!

We have the best selection of NFL Team Scrubs on the internet and you can order in bulk as well! If your department wants to show its support for it's favorite team, be sure to look at our NFL scrubs and find the ones you want. We also carry NHL Scrubs, MLB Scrubs, Realtree Scrubs, & Breast Cancer Awareness Scrubs. We [...]

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Why the Medical Industry loves My Team Scrubs

So, why does the medical industry love My Team Scrubs? They are fashionable, fashionable and fashionable! They are also really cool too! But seriously, doctors’ offices love getting our scrubs because they are all fashionable, comfortable and at a great price.Oh and by the way, did we mention to you that we are officially licensed [...]

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RealTree Camouflage Scrubs that Really Stand Out

So what are you trying to hide from? Deer... the enemy... a rampaging wife? When donning an outfit that is a camouflage pattern, the thought usually is that you are trying to blend in - really blend in. Camouflage has traditionally been used to help the wearer to become one with the environment, usually in [...]

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Yes Even Medical Scrubs Can Be Stylish

Not thrilled by the prospect of wearing cartoon characters on your clothing on a daily basis? Puppies and kitties aren't quite doing it for you? Being fashion-forward while wearing scrubs may not seem possible on the surface but actually can be quite easy. By combining different color combos and style of scrubs, a different look for [...]

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What Team Scrubs Will You Be Wearing on Opening Day?

With Spring finally here after this very long and brutal winter, there is generally one thing that is at the top of most minds of American people. Baseball season. Opening day games are under way all over the nation as America's greatest pastime once again attracts millions of fans in every state. What better way to [...]

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What You May Not Know About Scrubs

Sometimes known as "Theatre Blues" in the United Kingdom (as surgery centers there are often referred to as operating theatres), scrubs are the lightweight shirts and pants that have proliferated across medical offices, hospitals, dental offices and even veterinarian offices for years. Once the garb of only surgery teams, scrubs have spread into use by [...]

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